Keep Aegean Blue is the biggest mission of underwater, beach cleanups and educational programs about ocean conservation ever taken place in Greece. All For Blue, in cooperation with the South Aegean Region and with the participation of thousands of volunteers, has combined eco friendly actions with the adventure for the protection of the oceans. The mission began in October 2018, continued in March and April 2019.

The numbers for our mission 2019:

  • 73 days at sea
  • 1,700 nautical miles with a motor boat
  • 33 islands in the Cyclades and the Dodecanese
  • 37 Ocean Conservation seminars in schools with diploma of participation
  • 37 beach & underwater cleanups with official report in international data base
  • 16,000 students
  • thousands of volunteers
  • 32 tons of trash (66.200lbs) removed during Keep Aegean Blue amongst them 2 motorbikes, a couch, a Christmas tree, washing machines, and numerous plastics.

Keep Aegean Blue 2019:

Paros 7/3, Leros 12/3, Kalimnos 13/3, Kos 14/3, Rhodes 26 & 27/3, Simi 28/3, Tilos 29/3, Santorini 1/4, Milos 3/4, Naxos 4/4, Siros 5/4, Andros 16/4, Tinos 17/4, Mikonos 18/4, Karpathos 8/5


Seminars and actions

The seminars and actions of All For Blue are fully in line with the actions of Lifelong Learning and the objectives of the Environmental Education Centers of the organization and this action is under the auspices of Ι.ΝΕ.ΔΙ.ΒΙ.Μ.

Keep Aegean Blue

Actions 2019

Kalymnos – Keep Aegean Blue

Spyros Privolos writes "An old saying goes: "When the last tree has been cut down, the last fish caught, the last river poisoned, only then will we realize that one cannot eat money.” In the...

Leros – Keep Aegean Blue

“Leros is an island that seeks tourist development, similar to the nearby islands, as an island that seeks to show beyond natural beauties and clean seas. All For Blue...

Κάλυμνος – Ο προπονητής του «Πρωτέα» Μιχάλης Γλυνάτσης για τη δράση “Keep Aegean Blue” στην Κάλυμνο στις 13 Μαρτίου 2019

Στο φακό του μίλησε σήμερα Παρασκευή 8 Μαρτίου 2019 ο καθηγητής Φυσικής Αγωγής και προπονητής του Ναυταθλητικού Ομίλου Καλύμνου «ΠΡΩΤΕΑΣ» Μιχάλης Γλυνάτσης για τη δράση “Keep Aegean Blue” Πρόκειται...

Πάρος – Αποκάλυψη Καλοριφέρ, σόμπες και λεκάνες βγαλμένες από το βαθύ γαλάζιο του Αιγαίου!

Το αποκαλύπτει την αποστολή Keep Aegean Blue πέντε εθελοντών σε περισσότερα από 30 νησιά που μαζί με 5.000 μαθητές καθαρίζουν το Αιγαίο από σκουπίδια H μεγαλύτερη αποστολή υποβρυχίων και...

Paros – Keep Aegean Blue

300 high school students from Parikia and Naoussa, attended the Ocean Conservation & Shark Awareness seminar and participated in the beach & underwater cleanup in Paros. The whole action took...

Press release – Keep Aegean Blue

The biggest campaign ever organized in Greece for underwater and coastal cleanups, "Keep Aegean Blue", was presented at the 33rd NATEX Exhibition. In March and April, All For Blue in collaboration...

Keep Aegean Blue

Actions 2018