Celebrating Earth Day with Garnier

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Our team after the cleanup

On Sunday, April 21, as part of our partnership with Garnier, we celebrated Earth Day by cleaning the beach at B Alipedo Alimos! Conducting both coastal and underwater cleanups, we showed care for our home planet.

Briefing before the cleanup

Katerina Topouzoglou with the All For Blue diving team

The beach cleanup was a success thanks to the participation of Garnier employees and their families and All For Blue volunteers. We were delighted to welcome volunteers as young as 5 years old.

Our volunteers in action

Our youngest volunteers

Katerina Topouzoglou discussing about sharks with our youngest volunteers

All participants enthusiastically and efficiently collected 78,8 kg of debris from the shore, including plastic and glass bottles, cigarette filters and aluminum cans. Once again, we encountered a variety of unusual objects, such as shoes, a steering wheel, an umbrella stand, toys, and more.

Our volunteers in action

Waste weighing

Counting and separating waste

Our organization’s founder, Katerina Topouzoglou, led the underwater cleanup alongside freediving athletes,


Katerina Topouzoglou with the All For Blue divers.

who retrieved damaged nets, metal pipes, and other debris from the seabed.

Marine debris

Marine debris

Marine debris

In total, 88 kg of waste was collected from both the seafloor and the coast.

The actress Iulika Skafida, with her 5-month-old baby, participates in the cleaning

A steering wheel found during the beach cleanup

The presence of lifeguards and Coast Guard representatives was crucial in ensuring the safety of participants and the smooth operation of the cleanup.

The founder of All For Blue, Katerina Topouzoglou with the mayor of Alimos Mr. Andreas Kondylis

We extend our sincere gratitude to Garnier for their ongoing support of our projects, as well as to all the volunteers who honored us with their presence. On Earth Day, let’s always remember to help protect our planet, as this is the home that future generations will inherit.

 All For Blue divers completing the underwater cleaning

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