Mission, Vision, And Values

Founded in 2017 by Katerina Topouzoglou, AllForBlue is an international, nonprofit organization which is dedicated to the protection of the oceans and its inhabitants, particularly sharks.
With our Beach and Underwater Cleanups we aspire to restore the purity of the waters – not only in Greece, but also in other countries surrounded by seas and oceans.
With our Shark Aware & Ocean Conservation Seminars, we aim to educate future generations about the crucial role of sharks in the ecosystem, thus preparing the citizens of Tomorrow for a big challenge: Saving Earth’s largest life support system.

The oceans and the seas are a source of life on our blue planet – and yet they’re increasingly threatened by disrespectful human activity. We believe there are two solutions to this problem:

  • Action & Education

e achieve our goals by organising Beach and Underwater Cleanups in collaboration with Project Aware, Foundations, Non Profit Organizations, and Public Organizations:
During the Cleanups, we

  • collect
  • weigh
  • sort garbage out into different kinds of material, before with we record cleanup results in a global database

We make our ambition a reality by educating future generations through our awareness, teaching tomorrow’s citizens to care about the Big Blue, Sharks, and Life.

Focused on our goals

AllForBlue cares. And it takes action. Are you in?