Seminars and underwater cleanups with All For Blue are a combination of fun activities with impact that also demonstrate that the Municipality cares about the environment.

Our primary goal is to educate the new generation, to raise children’s awareness in order for them to understand that contributing towards the environment is in their own hands, that their generation has the ability to make a difference in rescuing and protecting the oceans.

69% of Greeks consider that actions for the protection of the environment are very important (a percentage much higher than the European average) according to Eurobarometer data.
84% of Greeks believe that individual action can bring change in environmental protection (based on research realised by the Athens University of Economics and Business).

Tens of thousands of students have participated in activities organised by All For Blue in collaboration with Municipalities.


Beach and underwater cleanups with All For Blue

Within the framework of our educational programme, the Municipality can organise with All For Blue 2-4 training seminars in kindergartens, schools, cultural centers, eldelry homes, summer camps, nautical clubs or in some suitable town hall.

After the completion of all the seminars, an all-day beach and underwater cleanup is organised on a beach chosen by the municipal authority.

The seminar is easy and understandable and can be enjoyed by both a 5 year old and an elderly person.

  • The seminar for the protection of the marine ecosystem lasts about 60-90 minutes.
  • Participants learn what they can do to contribute to the rescue of the marine ecosystem, such as how to avoid the use of plastics.
  • Together we wear the special reusable gloves and clean the beach.
  • The underwater clean up is done by divers-trainers of All For Blue and certified divers can participate.
  • We weigh the garbage, separate recycling materials by type (ex: plastic, glass, metal, wood) and register them in a global database.
  • Video recording by a team of professionals 
  • Edited video for posting on the website and social media of the Municipality and for the promotion at its headquarters
  • Coverage by a professional photographer
  • Promotion on social media and on the website of All For Blue
  • Diploma delivered by official body for participants (Ocean Conservation Seminar-Project Aware) 
  • Volunteer diploma (online) for the participants
  • Award of Achievement Diploma for the Municipality
  • T-shirts or bandanas of All For Blue with the logo of the Municipality
  • Recording of the event and the objects collected in a global database (with reference to Municipality)

The speakers of the seminar are experts in their field with lots of love for the ocean, members of the organisation, marine biologists and professional divers.

More than 30 Municipalities in Attica and the South Aegean region have co-organised with All For Blue seminars, beach and underwater cleanups.

In October 2018, #KeepAegeanBlue a mission of underwater, beach cleanups and training seminars for the protection of the marine ecosystem took place in Greece.

As part of the Keep Aegean Blue campaign, organised in collaboration with the South Aegean Region, more than 20,000 students and adults took part in the program. This activity is still ongoing.

The inhabitants of our islands participated passionately in the actions and the media embraced and promoted the effort to protect the endless blue of the Aegean.

Circular Economy

The plastics collected from our actions will “return” to the local community in the form of waste bins, as a souvenir, but also as proof that any product that inevitably reaches the “end of its useful life” can be reused and become sustainable .

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