Clean-up with Geocycle on Alimos beach

Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR) and corporate volunteering help a business to demonstrate that it operates responsibly and ethically, with awareness and sensitivity. They give added value and good reputation to the business. Consumers feel that the company shares the same values ​​with them and at the same time the commitment of the employees to the company increases.


Beach and underwater cleanups with All For Blue

Seminars, underwater and beach cleanups with All For Blue combine action with fun and are practical proof that the business cares about the environment.

  • We start with a seminar on the protection of the marine ecosystem, lasting about an hour.
  • Participants learn what they can do to contribute to the rescue of the marine ecosystem, such as how to avoid the use of plastics.
  • The underwater clean up is done by divers-trainers of All For Blue and employees of the company who are certified divers.
  • Together we wear reusable gloves and with reusable bags we clean the beach.
  • We weigh the garbage, separate recycling materials by type (ex: plastic, glass, metal, wood) and register them in a global database.
Julia Tseti, president of the pharmaceutical company Uni-pharma, actively participates in activities.
  • Video recording by a team of professionals 
  • Edited video for posting on the company’s website and social media and for promotion at its headquarters
  • Coverage by a professional photographer
  • Promotion on social media and the All For Blue website
  • Diploma from an official body for the participants (Ocean Conservation Seminar-Project Aware)
  • Volunteer diploma (online) for the participants
  • Award of Achievement Diploma for your business
  • All For Blue T-shirts, bandanas or reusable stainless steel straws with your company logo
  • Recording the event and the objects collected in a global database ( with reference to your business)

The speakers of the seminar are experts in their field with lots of love for the ocean, members of the organisation, marine biologists and professional divers.

  • 84% of consumers worldwide say they prefer products / services offered by responsible and ethical companies (Cone Communications / Ebiquity Global CSR Study)
  • 57% of consumers are willing to pay more for products / services offered by companies that respect society and the environment
  • Socially responsible Businesses attract and retain top employees
  • 68% of surveys have shown that CSR is associated with financial benefits for business
  • 80% of consumers talk to friends and family about a company’s CSR actions
  • 93% of consumers have a positive image for any company that shows social sensitivity and 90% trust it.

The participation of employees in All For Blue clean ups helps to strengthen team bonding. They get to know each other better, learn their strengths and weaknesses, and actually learn to work together more effectively in their day-to-day tasks. Each team seeks to be the winner, collecting the most trash, thus strengthening the commitment to achieve goals. It has proven to be one of the best ways to increase productivity in a business.

Circular Economy

The plastics collected from our actions will “return” to the local community in the form of waste bins, as a souvenir, but also as proof that any product that inevitably reaches the “end of its useful life” can be reused and become sustainable.

What others have said about our organisation:

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