Mission to Kinaros

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Each of our visits to Mrs. Rini to the remote island of Kinaros is a special experience. We started early to be there on time. We had a lot to do.
We brought with us medicine and supplies for her and her livestock as well as white and blue paint intended for the roof of her house.
Her answer is typical every time someone asks her if she is afraid of being isolated on the island: “I am not afraid of anything because I sleep under the Greek flag.”
This flag needed a refresh.

Mrs. Rini is a woman who exhibits immense strength and bravery and is an inspiration to us all. She greeted us as always with a smile and while she had her coffee we started our activities. While we were painting the Greek flag, she was watching us not to fall from the rickety roof and didnt stop teasing us.

Our team then proceeded to an underwater clean up in the bay in front of Mrs Rini’s house, removing not only soft drink cans but also cooking pans, wheels, wellies (!!) and a few fishing nets.

The time was fast past, and we resumed our promise to visit her soon after saying goodbye. These expeditions to Kinaro mean a lot to me personally and to the volunteers of All For Blue. “Honor to those who in their lives defined and guarded Thermopylae.”

Katerina Topouzoglou-Founder of All For Blue

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