All For Blue in the 9th Our Ocean Conference

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“If the ocean fails, we fail” this phrase serves as a guiding principle for our work, after attending the 9th Our Ocean Conference in Athens from April 15-17, 2024.

The All For Blue team: Katerina Kyriakopoulou, Katerina Topouzoglou, Maria Rapti

The All For Blue team, led by the organization’s founder, Katerina Topouzoglou, attended the three days of the Our Ocean Conference held at the Stavros Niarchos Foundation Cultural Center. The conference brought together ocean lovers, scientists, government officials, and organizations to address the critical issues that our oceans face.

Katerina Topouzoglou-Founder of All For Blue, Elena Rapti-Deputy Minister of Tourism

It is also worth noting the discussion that Katerina Topouzoglou had with the Deputy Minister of Tourism, Mrs. Elena Raptis, regarding issues of diving tourism and ocean protection.

The All For Blue team with Dr. Sivendra Michael Permanent Secretary of the Ministry of Environment & Climate Change, Government of Fiji

Dr. Sylvia Earle’s passionate speech underscored the urgent need for action to protect marine ecosystems and their inhabitants.

Dr. Sylvia Earle

“’Why remain silent about the overexploitation of marine species? About 50% of coral reefs and kelp forests are gone in a few decades. 90% of sharks are gone. These are facts. We just have to tell the truth!”

Group photo after the speech of Dr. Sylvia Earle

Inspired by the conference’s commitments, All For Blue is committed to raising awareness among the younger generation about the realities facing our oceans and the creatures within them. We pledge to take small yet meaningful steps in our daily lives to effect bigger positive changes.

The All For Blue team: Rapti Maria, Katerina Topouzoglou, Katerina Kyriakopoulou
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