Advisory/ Scientific Board 

Advisory/ Scientific Board 

Advisory/ Scientific board

The Advisory Board’s role is the strategic development of ALL FOR BLUE.


Evi Nomikou

Paraskevi (Evi) Nomikou is a marine geologist who studies the morphology of underwater volcanoes and faults with extensive experience in marine volcanic and seafloor extruding processes. She is an Associate Professor at the Dep. of Geology and Geoenvironment of National and Kapodistrian University of Athens (Greece). She has participated in many oceanographic cruises that focused on submarine volcanism, fault zones, landslides and
slope stability and the exploration of seafloor mineral deposits.

More recently, she has played a leading role in the evaluation of the potential hazards associated with renewed volcanic activity at Santorini volcano in Greece. Her studies on underwater volcano areas where new earthquakes and deformations have been taking place are critical to the ongoing evaluation of future eruption scenarios. She has also been involved in the study of economically important seafloor mineral deposits within the crater of the submarine volcano Kolumbo, off the coast of Santorini. In 2013 and 2018 she was involved in expeditions to the Mid-Atlantic Ridge, mapping the sea floor of ocean core complexes and in 2015 in the Azores Platea, mapping the offshore volcanoes and in 2018 she was also participated in a NASA project onboard R/V Falkor in Costa Rica coastal zone. She effectively transfers her enthusiasm for sea floor exploration using innovative marine
technologies to younger students through her educational lectures at the university creating a high profile role model for young women thinking of pursuing careers in oceanography.

Eugenia Scountzou

DVM, MSc, Member of the Arion network

Dr Eugenia Scountzou graduated from the Faculty of Health Sciences, School of Veterinary Medicine, Aristotle University of Thessaloniki, in 1987. She worked as an Intern at the Department of Surgery, from 1987-1988. Dr Scountzou was offered a research scholarship from the University of Wisconsin-Madison, School of Veterinary Medicine, to pursue her post-graduate studies in Surgery. She worked under the mentorship of D.E.Bjorling on «Reperfusion Injuries» and studied Ophthalmology with Professor James Schoster. She received her M.Sc. degree in Veterinary Science in 1990. In 1993 she was invited to attend Dr. Marc Simon’s Practice in Paris, a pioneer in Veterinary Ophthalmology in Europe and senior Lecturer of ESVO. Dr Scountzou’s Small Animal Surgical Practice that started in 1991covers Ophthalmology and Laser Surgery cases, accepting referrals from Greece and Europe. She attends Continuing Education Seminars of the ESVO-ECVO yearly, and the North American Veterinary Congress Continuing Education Seminars bi-annually.

She has been an invited speaker in National Congresses, Scientific Symposia and Seminars and has published articles in Veterinary Ophthalmology, in Hellenic and International peer-reviewed journals. Dr. Scountzou is Instructor in Ophthalmic Surgery in various Continuing Education Seminars for private practitioners in Greece. She is a member of the European Society of Veterinary Ophthalmology (ESVO) since 1993, and a certified Veterinarian of Arion, Research Center for Cetus Rescue. Dr Scountzou specializes in Ophthalmology and Laser Surgery, and her fields of interest are Dentistry and Regenerative Medicine

Emma Williams

Science Communicator / Manager – UK

Emma has a strong academic and professional resumé with a First Class Honours degree in Marine Biology and Coastal Ecology from the University of Plymouth. She received a scholarship for academic excellence from University of Plymouth in 2013 and the Santander scholarship in 2015. In 2017, Emma won the Plymouth University Dr. Manning Award for Women in STEM.

Emma worked as a research assistant with Lamave Research Institute in the Philippines studying whale sharks and as a research assistant with the Marine Conservation society Seychelles working on several projects, predominantly coral reef restoration. She currently works as a researcher with Sharklife Conservation Group, South Africa, with a focus on elasmobranchs assessments.

Additional qualifications: PADI Divemaster, Pure Apnea Adventure Freediver, RYA Powerboat License.

Apostolos Bellos

With more than 30 years of experience in diving and diving education, Apostolos Bellos is a CMAS 3* Instructor trainer and PADI owsi.He is Freediving Instructor trainer PADI, Cmas, FDI and DAN Instructor trainer. Apostolos Bellos is the director of CMAS free diving commission and he is co-owner of Apnea company. He is passioned about diving and Freediving. He considers the sea environment as a second home for him. He always says that we have to take care of our planet and especially the oceans, because only divers are able to evaluate the real conditions in our oceans.

Miriam Staiger

Marine biologist, Germany

Miriam is a passionate marine biologist from Germany. She recently earned her first class M.Sc. degree in marine biology from the Stockholm University in Sweden. In her thesis research with Sharklife Conservation Group in South Africa, she studied the movement patterns and recreational fishing pressures on pregnant Spotted Raggedtooth sharks. She has developed a number of different research projects from turtle monitoring to Environmental DNA (eDNA) research. Miriam is currently involved in the Stop Finning EU initiative to help stop the shark fin trade in Europe.

Miriam is also a passionate freediver and has worked as PADI divemaster in Mozambique. She wants to inspire others who may have grown up far from the ocean or without financial support, to build a connection to the sea and discover the need to protect it.

Dellaporta Aphrodite

Crisis Manager

Born in April of 1970 in the island of the greatest sea explorers , Kefalonia and Ithaca.

Primary studies Biomedical sciences and Master diploma in international medicine and Crisis Management in Health , from the Kapodistrian university of Athens – Medical School
I have participated in multiple voluntary and humanitarian European projects .

She loves to keep the sea clean and make this planet sustainable for her kids and all humans.