IronBlue: Help Paul’s Ironman Journey for Ocean Protection!

I’m Paul, a 24-year-old French machine learning engineer based in the vibrant city of Paris. When I’m not deep in the realm of sciences and tech, you’ll catch me tackling triathlons or fine-tuning beats for my electronic music projects.

My love for the ocean runs deep, thanks to my Italian roots and countless scuba diving adventures. Last summer, I joined forces with the inspiring members of All For Blue on a mission to safeguard our seas and oceans through educational programs and hands-on cleanup efforts. All For Blue supports both global actions around the world and local projects in Greece.

Picture this: Halikounas Beach in Corfu, a Greek paradise tainted by plastic waste. The experience was eye-opening, and it fueled my determination to make a difference. Now, I’m gearing up for an Ironman challenge in Lanzarote this May 2024, where plastic pollution also threatens the stunning Spanish beaches.

But here’s the twist – I’m not just racing for personal glory. I’m launching a crowdfunding campaign to turn every stroke, pedal, and stride into a powerful statement for ocean protection. The funds raised will be donated to All For Blue, fueling their impactful initiatives and spreading the message of environmental stewardship.

Why All For Blue?
I’m backing All For Blue because, with an Italian mom and a childhood spent diving into the deep blue with scuba gear and fins, the ocean is practically family. Whether I’m doing laps in the open sea or rocking triathlons, my love for nature runs deep. Supporting All for Blue isn’t just a choice; it’s my way of ensuring our oceans stay as awesome as they’ve been for me – a playground for adventures, free dives, and all the good stuff!

How will the funds be used?
The funds collected during the IronBlue project will be donated to All For Blue to support its missions. Specifically, these funds will play an important role in providing essential equipment to the 24 local volunteer teams operating in areas such as Corfu, Syros, Kalimnos or Litochoro. This way, young ocean advocates will have a chance to make a difference in their local communities. Additionally, the financial support gathered during this initiative will enable the organization to launch and sustain projects in remote areas, where environmental conservation efforts are often most crucial yet challenging to implement effectively.