Symi – beach & underwater cleanup with All For Blue

Leros island – beach & underwater cleanup

Paros – 600kgs of trash removed in the beach/underwater cleanup

Koufonisi island – shark aware seminar & beach cleanup

Τα ανοξείδωτα καλαμάκια στο “Καλύτερα” με τη Ναταλία Γερμανού

ANTENNA TV 3/10/18 To Proino

Rhenia clean up – Intermed

Amorgos clean up & seminars

Keep Mykonos Clean

“Dive Against Debris in Alimos by All For Blue

“From Greece to Bahamas” Motivate the locals

Curious great white shark stuck in the cage – All For Blue

Freedive with hammerheads – All For Blue

My Story – Katerina Topouzoglou

Sharks all around – All For Blue

Great White Shark Diving – All For Blue

Serotonin – Freediving with sharks

Healer Sharks

Katerina Underwater Clean Up

Dive Against Debris – Mykonos

Shark Dive – Cristina Zenato & Katerina Topouzoglou

Interview ERT Greek Channel – Underwater Clean Ups

60 Λεπτά Ελλάδα – ΜΥΚΟΝΟΣ 14 04 2016

Interview in Epsilon TV

Interview Star Channel Συνέντευξη στη Ζήνα Κουτσελίνη

ΤΟ ΠΡΩΙΝΟ 15 11 2016

Introduction to sharks by Katerina

Project Aware – Diving in Greece

Let’s make a difference

All For Blue by Katerina Topouzoglou

Beach & Underwater Clean Up – Ftelia Mykonos