Leros – Keep Aegean Blue

Leros – Keep Aegean Blue

Leros 12/3/2019

“Leros is an island that seeks tourist development, similar to the nearby islands, as an island that seeks to show beyond natural beauties and clean seas. All For Blue organization with the collaboration of the Region Of South Aegean took action on Tuesday, March 12, 2019. Gymnasium students and High School of Leros, in collaboration with the local diving center, managed to further sensitize students who are the cells and the future of the island.

As children living by the sea were particularly concerned by the information they had learned through the seminar. Particular impression was given to all our observations and the questions of children whose parents were fishermen. They could not believe that if we continue the same tactics, very soon the trash will be more in the sea than the fish.They realized that the natural environment around us is a source of life and beauty and protecting it, we protect our lives.

Though drizzled dozens of students went to Agia Marina to clean their beach, where they usually swim. Their expression was impressive when they gathered too much trash in the eco sacks at the beach. ”

Spyros Privolos

Altogether, 240 high school and lyceum students, 8 scuba divers, gathered 723 kilos of trash, including a car catalyst, a feeder, stairs, building components, countless straws and bags.

Keep Aegean Blue campaign is a collaboration of All For Blue with the South Aegean Region and is the largest mission of educational seminars and experiential action on beach and underwater cleanups that has taken place in Greece.