Mission to Morocco

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Can we tackle the tide of plastic pollution flooding our oceans, and if so, how? The partners of the European project Remedies for Ocean came together for their 3rd general assembly (GA) in Oujda, Morocco to address these two critical questions.

The project Remedies aims to pioneer innovative solutions and cutting-edge technologies to monitor, collect, prevent, and recover (micro)plastics from our oceans. The approach hinges on science, circularity, and community involvement, all geared towards safeguarding aquatic ecosystems, slashing pollution, and fostering a climate-neutral blue economy.

Teaming up with Marine Conservation Greece, All For Blue traveled to Morocco in order to participate in the panel discussions and a marine litter monitoring workshop scheduled within the GA events. Maria Rapti, representing All For Blue, talked about the daily struggles faced in tackling plastic pollution in the Aegean. Stressing the significance of volunteering and personal responsibility, she spotlighted the team’s clean-up initiatives on major Aegean islands such as Mykonos and Syros, as well as noteworthy actions in Delos and Kinaros.

All For Blue actively engaged in a monitoring workshop to assess waste and plastic pollution on the coast. The team collected and categorized litter from Saidia Beach using a mobile phone application developed as part of the project. These specific data will be utilized by the scientific community to draw conclusions about pollution, especially plastic pollution.

We extend our gratitude to Marine Conservation Greece for the invitation and acknowledge all partners of the Remedies project for their warm welcome and valuable guidance.

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