Cleanup at Palaio Faliro

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Environment Day is a significant event for All For Blue, and this year, we made it even more special through a beautiful partnership with the ENAON company. To celebrate and protect our environment, we joined forces for a beach and underwater cleanup at Eden Beach, Palaio Faliro.

The employees of ENAON gathered on the beach with great enthusiasm and a desire to make a difference. We were honored by the presence of the CEO of Enaon Ms. Barbara Morgante and the CEO of Enaon subsidiary EDA Ms. Francesca Zanninotti. Volunteers, equipped with All For Blue’s reusable gear, undertook the task of cleaning the shore, collecting single-use plastics, cigarette butts, tins, and microplastics.

The underwater cleanup was carried out by four certified scuba divers from Divers Society and Cool Experience Dive Center, supported by five free diver volunteers from All For Blue. The findings from the seabed were impressive, with the team removing three tires, a grill, and five pipes. A lifeguard was also present to ensure the safety of our volunteers during the underwater cleanup. In total, the waste collected from both the seabed and the beach amounted to 75 kg, with plastic ranking on top of the list.

We would like to extend our heartfelt thanks to the ENAON company for their enthusiasm and dedication, as well as to the diving centers that supported the underwater cleanup. Our gratitude also goes to the Environmental Service of the Municipality of Palaio Faliro for their support and to all the volunteers from All For Blue who participated in this important action.

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