Cleanup at Drosia with Garnier

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On Friday, May 24, All For Blue, in collaboration with Garnier, traveled to Chalkida with the aim of visiting primary schools in the area and, with the help of students, implementing a beach and underwater cleanup action.

A total of 70 students from the 22nd School of Xirovrysi and 210 students from the School of Drosia Chalkida, along with their teachers, attended the All For Blue seminar. They were informed about the importance of protecting the marine environment with great interest.

Following the seminar, the fifth and sixth grade students of Xirovrysi, accompanied by their teachers, headed to Panagitsa beach to put into practice what they had learned. Equipped with gloves, sacks, and a lot of enthusiasm, along with volunteers from the organization, began the cleanup. In less than an hour, they managed to collect 240 kg of waste from the shore. Among the items collected were a car wheel, large pieces of plastic, a broom, plastic containers, metal pipes, a shoe, styrofoam boxes, and pieces of ropes and nets. Impressively, All For Blue divers recovered only 15 kg of waste from the seabed.

We would like to extend our gratitude to the students and teachers for their participation in the beach cleanup. Special thanks to the THALASSA Diving Center and the free-diving athlete divers for their participation in the underwater cleanup. We also appreciate the Cleaning Services of the Municipality for their help in collecting the gathered debris, and the representatives of the Port Authority for their presence and participation during the cleanup.

Finally, our heartfelt thanks to Garnier, whose support makes it possible for us to carry out significant actions to protect the marine ecosystem.

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