More than 660 students attended All For Blue’s seminar

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ll For Blue’s inaugural mission of 2024, conducted under the TUI Junior Academy program, concluded triumphantly in the final week of March, boasting participation from over 660 students across four esteemed schools in Rhodes. Enthusiastically engaging in our educational program, students from the 1st and 2nd Experimental Primary Schools of Rhodes, the Primary School of the “Rhodian Education” schools, and the 15th Primary School of Rhodes not only showcased their impressive knowledge but also sparked thought-provoking inquiries, leaving us once again amazed!

The participants demonstrated their interest in pollution with questions such as: “How do certain objects, like motorbikes, stoves, and wheels, end up at the bottom of the sea”? “How are garbage patches formed”? , and more. Naturally, the marine organisms once again captivated the students. We delved into discussions about our favorite sharks, marine mammals, and jellyfish, with the conversation even extending to the origins of life on Earth, spurred by the children’s questions.

When the theoretical aspect was completed, we took action in the field. With the assistance of the Experimental Primary Schools of Rhodes, we cleaned the beach next to the city’s aquarium. Students and teachers collectively gathered 44 kg of waste, primarily single-use plastics and aluminum. This time, the weird objects littering the shore received their due attention. The students found a variety of items, from balls, tires, and car mats to Lego pieces, scissors, sunglasses, lighters, and more.

We sincerely thank the schools and teachers for their hospitality and participation in the TUI Junior Academy by All For Blue program, as well as our volunteers who supported the initiative with their presence. We eagerly anticipate our visit in April, when we’ll have the opportunity to meet new students and schools.

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