Cleanup at Syros

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The first beach cleanup of 2024 is a success! The All For Blue volunteer group in Syros started the year by cleaning up Agkathopes beach.

The nine active volunteers of All For Blue team love keeping Agathopes clean, as they often conduct cleanups around the area throughout the year. Agathopes is a popular location on the island and a famous landmark of Syros. The beach also serves as a habitat for the seal, Monachus-Monachus, which can be seen around the area especially during spring.

In just two hours, the volunteers collected 20 kg of debris from the beach. Once again most of the collected items were single-use plastics. But, the team also found some strange objects like lamps, toys, headphones, and even clothes! The team sorted the debris into recyclables and non-recyclables and made sure to discard them in the proper bins.

The cleanup is supported by the European Project Remedies for Ocean. We would like to express our gratitude to Marine Conservation Greece for supporting this initiative and thank you to all our volunteers for their continuous support!





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