All For Blue team has successfully completed its second visit to Rhodes as part of the TUI Junior Academy by the All For Blue program.

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Our primary concern is to educate the new generation about the oceans and the challenges faced by the organisms that inhabit them. Our group of volunteers continued their visits to schools in Rhodes to conduct educational seminars. This time, our mission focused on primary and secondary schools in the city of Rhodes.

Over the course of three days, our team visited four elementary schools and the 1st EPA.L. Rhodes, with a total of 900 students participating. The children were educated about the importance of our seas, the creatures that inhabit them, the threats they face, and engaged in discussions with our volunteers about how individual responsibility can be the starting point for addressing marine pollution.

Of particular interest was the involvement of high school students majoring in mechanical engineering in the seminar. During the discussions, these students proposed creative ideas for reusing objects that would otherwise end up as waste, embracing the principles of the circular economy model.

We would like to extend our gratitude to all the schools for their warm welcome and to all the students who enthusiastically attended the All For Blue educational seminar. Finally, we want to express our appreciation to the volunteers in our group who contributed to the program’s success and supported our work through their actions.

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