Clean-up at Anavissos

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In collaboration with Grant Thornton company, we held an online educational seminar for their staff. The seminar was organized by the founder of All For Blue, Katerina Topouzoglou, along with the team’s biologist and postgraduate student in circular economy, Katerina Kyriakopoulou. During the seminar, we talked about biodiversity and the situation of the seabed due to plastics and microplastics, as well as circular economy and the urge to avoid plastic use.

The next day, the meeting point was at Anavyssos beach, where All For Blue members and six divers, along with the participants of Grant Thornton company and their families, carried out a beach clean-up that lasted about an hour and a half. It is noteworthy that the company’s employees enthusiastically engaged in cleaning the beach and performed it with music, as they had brought speakers. In this way, they had even more fun during the action, while they had first put on the special gloves and the necessary gear provided by All For Blue. Through the action, the coastal volunteers managed to remove hundreds of cigarette tips and single-use plastics.

Two divers, had bottles for autonomous diving while the others had free diving, brought up sunglasses to the surface. However, the object that stole the show was a drone in excellent condition externally, indicating that it had sunk recently. The equipment of the divers who participated in the action was provided by the «Dive Store» of Spyros Kartelias.

We would like to warmly thank our volunteers who were there once again to support our action. Special thanks to the port authority for being present and ensuring the safety of the participants and the action.

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