Educational Action of the 1st Elementary School and the 2nd Special Education Elementary School of Piraeus

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In mid-March, the first educational seminars for 2023 took place as part of our partnership with Garnier. The 1st Primary School of Piraeus welcomed us to their multi-purpose classroom where 110 students from the 1st Primary School of Piraeus as well as 28 students from the 2nd Special Education Primary School of Piraeus attended our educational program on ocean conservation. Our goal was to bring together students with learning difficulties and special needs with typical students in a joint discussion about the environment and to convey to them Katerina Topouzoglou’s message that we are all equal towards the environment.

It is worth noting, that a student from the special education school received a miniature hammerhead shark from the All For Blue team as he showed a particular sympathy for this species. After the end of the second seminar, we were delighted to see that the same child returned to the venue carrying a gift for us.

The gift was a sculpture made of plasticine representing the seabed, with corals and exotic fish of various impressive colors, including the famous clownfish Nemo. All of the above deeply touched the All For Blue team, which strives to protect and preserve the marine environment.

The children were all impressed with the actions of the organization and the volume of waste that we collect from beaches and organizations such as motorcycles and car wheels. After the end of the seminar, all the children received a certificate of attendance.

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