Tinos island 2022 with Garnier

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A pleasant encounter framed our beach and underwater cleanup – yet another collaboration with Garnier Greece – on Tinos island at Agali Bay.

Two years after our last mission on the island a couple of friends recognised Katerina and eagerly approached her at the beach:

”We remember you from the ocean conservation seminar held at our school in 2020! We clean our beach often ever since! Can we also join you today?”

What a better confirmation of our efforts these past seven years, reshaping perceptions, educating the younger generation for a positive and sustainable future.

Our seminars across schools in Greece and the world, aim to teach young students to appreciate and protect the ocean, yet, also cultivate a voice that they can use to make an impact.

During the beach and underwater cleanup the two friends helped All For Blue volunteers remove 48kg of waste from Agali bay that day, plastic items, glass, metal, and two sunbeds.

But most importantly, they use their voice to demand a plastic free environment and more people to join our cause.

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