Operation ‘Sea No Plastic’: All For Blue and Geocycle Hellas, member of the Heracles Group in Alimos Beach.

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On Friday, September 16, 2022, the ‘Sea No Plastic’ operation took place, which was framed by an experiential beach and underwater cleanup at A’ Alipedo beach in the Municipality of Alimos. The action was preceded by an educational seminar on the protection of the marine ecosystem for 40 executives of the Heracles Group, which was held the previous day at the company’s headquarters.

Executives of Geocycle Hellas and the Heracles Group as well as the experienced volunteers and certified divers of All For Blue worked together to restore the beach. The clean-up, which was conducted in accordance with All For Blue’s zero-waste protocol, resulted in the removal of dozens of plastic and aluminum beverage containers from the seabed, as well as a volleyball court net that was painstakingly unearthed from the sand.

More than 5,700 cigarette butts, dozens of food packages, pieces of rusty iron, 1 car tire, disposable glasses, cardboard boxes, straws, etc. were also collected.

The number of waste collected per category was recorded in the Padi Aware database with reference to Geocycle Hellas.

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