Training seminars to schools in Chalkida with Garnier

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On Thursday, May 12, 2022, the seminar presentation team visited the 3rd High School of Chalkida where about 300 students attended the educational seminar on the protection of the marine ecosystem and learned about the effects of plastic pollution on biodiversity. The students received the certificates of attendance and applied to become volunteers in the All For Blue volunteers’ network.


Also on Wednesday, May 25, an online educational seminar was organized for Primary Schools in Chalkida as well as the Drosia High School with similar participation to the first seminar.

The students evaluated everything they saw and heard and shared their impressions in writing:

– It was a nice experience and I learned a lot about the sea!

– It was very interesting and we learned that some fish that we consider wild and dangerous, are like everything else!

– I learned a lot about sharks!

– I see sharks with more sympathy after the seminar because I learned how important they are!

– I learned many things that I didn’t know were happening!

– He found out about interesting actions!

– I believe we can all help to protect the environment!

– Fantastic experience!

– I learned that unfortunately there are also garbage islands!

The students promised that next school year they would inform the other students of the school and would like to take an active part in various activities.

They wished us a good summer and renewed our appointment for September.

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