Clean-up with Sychroni Paideia Schools

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250 students from the Schools of Sichroni Paideia took part in the two activities of coastal & underwater cleaning that were organized in Megalo Kavouri and B ‘Alipedo Alimou having previously attended the training seminar for the marine ecosystem of All For Blue.

French volunteers  also participated, from the University of Lille who took care of the counting and weighing of waste while the show was stolen by divers who impressed our little friends with the “findings” they took from the bottom, such as a road sign, wheels, soft drink cans and an umbrella!

The action was attended by the Mayor of Alimos Mr. Kondylis who greeted and thanked the volunteers as well as the Deputy Mayor of Cleaning Giannis Antonakis who took care of the immediate collection of waste.

“Caps, cigarette butts, plastic and glass bottles, cords, pandemic waste, underwear, credit cards, keys, pills, brooms, road sign, stroller, cigarette packs, coffee capsules, watch, pegs only ….. the items we collected during this educational program for cleaning Alimos beach under the guidance of All For Blue !!!

Impressive feeling of helping the environment, we liked it very much as a process, as a “lesson” for what can be caused by man consciously or unconsciously and in fact so easily!

We had a great time cleaning because we did it with our classmates, we had fun, we also helped to make an excellent beach even more beautiful, we met people from other countries with the same concerns and we collaborated as groups with a common goal:

the environment and our eyes!

Thank you for the very beautiful experience as this was our first “exit” from school, after 2 consecutive years !!! ”

Kostas Vathias – Director of Sychronia Paideia Schools

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