200 kg of waste from B’ Beach Voula with Dell

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More than 200 kilos of garbage were removed during the beach and underwater cleanup of B ‘Beach Voula organized by All For Blue in collaboration with the active group of volunteers of Dell Technologies.

126 kilos of garbage were collected from the beach, of which 91% were single use plastics, water bottles, straws and bags.

From the bottom of the sea the divers removed more than 80 kg, of which a wheel from a tractor, irons, plastic bottles, plates, aluminum cans of soft drinks, fishing equipment.

The Lifeguard Hellas School of Lifeguard took care of the safety of the volunteers.

The waste was weighed and recorded in a global database.

We thank the Municipality of Vari-Voula-Vouliagmeni for the immediate collection of waste.

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