AROUND THE AQUATIC ECOLOGICAL WORLD IN 365 DAYS: The (most) excited marketer struck again!

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Oh yes! We have met again. About 365 days ago.

I am Corina Antoniadou from the Marketing department of Flax Ltd, 31 years old and I declare my enthusiasm with the actions and philosophy of All For Blue, even if these 365 days, that have passed until today, were the most unexpected for all the planet for the last 100 years.

Do not deny it!

2020 was so “concentrated” that we have finally experienced so much that we are going to remember it for years. Pandemics, natural disasters, economic upheavals, changes of presidents & governments, major struggles for justice & rights are just a few of the things I can list. In all of this, however, steadily and almost subconsciously, the seed that Katerina (Topouzoglou) sowed 1 year ago through 2 information seminars on the aquatic ecosystem, in which I participated, grew inside me.

During this journey of ecological research related to the protection of the seas and the growing awareness of the environment, the owner of Flax Ltd, Mr. Tassos Vavvas, played an important role. It is a joy and luck to belong to a team that has the same ideals and values as you. But the most important thing is to try to make the world a little better. And we try it every day.

We have used all the previous months, working methodically, in order to succeed through our professional activity to inform and raise awareness in as many people as we can. In colleagues, partners, customers, suppliers, consumers, ordinary passers-by. All this, always in collaboration with All For Blue.

Do you know how?

We started with the simple and very basic!

After the training seminar attended by all the staff of our company in December 2019, we included All For Blue in our showroom and made it part of ours, next to our products.

We informed our entire network of partners about the action & values of All For Blue by including in all packages to be sent, brochures that were very kindly given to us by the organization.

We redesigned the artworks of the corporate cars and included the All For Blue logo in them. We managed to communicate important ecological messages every day, during the itineraries of our team. They say “a picture, a thousand words”.

We redesigned our online store and decided to actively support All For Blue by donating 5% of the revenue from the online sales of our products, in order to be invested to educational seminars for primary school students in our municipality, Agios Dimitrios. We are looking forward to overcome this difficult time to make true on our promise.

At the same time, we dedicated a special page on the official website that informs friends & visitors about the identity of All For Blue.

Even if one becomes aware, it‘s a big profit!

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