They collected waste from the seabed and beaches and turned it into bins.

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Mykonos is once again a pioneer. Having been the first to adopt our stainless steel straws to avoid disposable plastics, the island is entering a new era and expanding its horizons towards Circular Economy. It collects waste from the seabed and beaches and turns it into useful objects that protect the environment and shape ecological consciousness.

As of today, residents and visitors of the island can witness bins, in selected parts of Mykonos, which were created out of plastic waste collected in previous All For Blue clean ups. This was done hand in hand with the local community, certified divers, scouts, local authorities and local government.

The students of the Mykonos kindergarten were very impressed by the bin.

The #keepmykonosblue 2020 programme was implemented in the framework of the cooperation of All For Blue with KDEPPAM (Community Enterprise for Environment, Education and Development) of the Municipality of Mykonos.

The Mayor of Mykonos, Mr. Konstantinos Koukas

The plastics collected and separated from the beach and underwater clean ups underwent a special treatment process. The result was their breakdown into granules, resulting in microplastics and hence becoming the basic building material for the bins.

The Primary School of Mykonos Town receives the bin

Our future must be based on sustainable development and #CircularEconomy, where all waste is reused or recycled so that its lifespan does not end and consequently does not burden the environment.

The bins made from plastic waste were placed in the following locations:

  1. Mykonos Port Authority
  2. Ano Mera Community (playground)
  3. Kindergarten of Chora
  4. Primary school of Chora
  5. Mykonos Town Hall

At the Port Authority of Mykonos

The bin located in the Mykonos Port Authority is used to collect bottle caps.

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