624 cigarette butts, vacuum cleaner and carpets removed during our underwater cleanup in Mykonos

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A vacuum cleaner, 624 cigarette butts and 546 kg of waste recovered from the bottom of the ocean in Mykonos, a cleanup action organised between the Community Enterprise for Environment, Education and Development (KDEPPAM) in Mykono and All For Blue

On the occasion of World Oceans Day, celebrated every year on June 8, we all met on the shore to organise and coordinate the underwater cleanup in collaboration with the Community Enterprise for Environment, Education and Development (KDEPPAM) of Mykonos.

The turnout was amazing, 50 naval scouts from the Cycladic island, volunteers of all ages, residents and visitors, swimmers and free divers, athletes from Athens and certified divers from the Mykonos Diving Center diving center took part! 

Our mission made sure to take all the necessary precautions and respect the required social distances in order for all of us to be safe. 

The Coast Guard, with its boat, also made its appearance in the area to safeguard the operation and protect our divers. In fact, a representative of the Coast Guard actively participated in the activity. 

In addition, the contribution of the Mykonos Health Center was significant. They were ready to intervene at any time. 

The enthusiasm of our volunteers was exemplary, with a lot of passion, we all threw ourselves into the “battle” to clean up the shore. While at the same time, a beautiful sea turtle joined our group, a very pleasant surprise for our divers.

In total, we were able to locate and collect 642 cigarette butts from the beach, to retrieve 546 kilograms of waste from the seabed, including a vacuum cleaner and a carpet, as well as 124 metal soft drink cans and 78 bottles of beer.

The action took place exclusively with reusable materials, bags, sacks and gloves. At the end of the mission, 10 bins made of plastic that had been collected so far from the island in previous actions, will be handed over to the local community.



All For Blue would like to thank the Coast Guard and the Mykonos Health Center for their significant support.

The #KeepMykonosClean mission is backed by KDEPAM, the next clean-up operations will be conducted in Little Venice, St. Charalambis and St. Stephen’s.


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