SAVE THE SEA: Uni-pharma’s Green Team joined forces with All For Blue and took action in Tinos island for beach & underwater cleanups!

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A second mission was carried out by Tsetis Group of Companies in Tinos this weekend, 22nd and 23th of June 2019, with the dynamic volunteers of the All For Blue team.

The voluntary team of the company once again under the expert guidance of the voluntary organization All For Blue headed by Mrs Katerina Topouzoglou. Together was the very dear and active Deputy Mayor, Natasa Deligiannis, the deputy mayor of cleanups, Mrs.Peralis, who took care of the immediate removal of the garbage from the beach, the President of the local commune of Komi, Mrs Maria Nukaria, who handed handmade cookies to the volunteers at the end of the action and too many divers and free-diving athletes who came to Tinos for this cause.

A great thank you to the scuba divers Lida Dafouli and Nikos Collios, Mario Marangos, Giorgos Tsekouras, Athena Koutsokosta and Dimitris Sgouros and Michalis Palamaris, as well as Intermed company, who gave us sunscreens and hats for our protection.

This “green” action is part of the Testis Pharmaceutical Group’s Strategic Social Responsibility Strategy, and all employees have already attended the seminar about the ocean conservation from the All For Blue team at the company’s offices.

 Altogether, more than 200kg of garbage was collected, the collection of which was made only with reusable bags, among which a lot of plastics, clothes, a 7 meter tube, parts of a bicycle, drain pipes, etc.

Many thanks to the Police Station of Tinos and to the Coast Guard of the island. 

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