Stainless steel straws that clean the seas and educate kids

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Have you ever thought that you are using a plastic straw for a few minutes, but its decomposition takes up to 200 years? Do you know that straws are not recycled due to their small volume? In Greece it is estimated that about 300 million plastic cups for cold coffee are used every year. Similar to the number of straws, many of which end up on beaches and the oceans.

In the Mediterranean it is estimated that up to 95% of garbage on the shores and seas is plastic, which we find not only in sea turtles, seals and birds, but also in fish and shellfish, entering the human food chain and often end up in our plate.

In actions of the global project for the protection of the oceans Project Aware, we have removed 15 million plastic straws from the oceans worldwide in a year!

We can all make the difference! More and more Greeks choose to use All For Blue’s colorful, reusable, stainless steel straws and say no to plastic straws!

Stainless steel straws, which All For Blue brought to Greece for the first time, have become a trend in our country, combining ecological consciousness with the unbelievable feeling of dew on the lips as the straw get the temperature of cold coffee or juice!

Natalia Germanou, Fain Skorda, Dimitris Alexandrou, George Manikas, Kostas Sommer are among the ambassadors who care about the environment and take action to protect the marine ecosystem. All For Blue’s stainless steel straws are part of an eco friendly lifestyle.

100% of the revenue from stainless steel straws (which have a cleaning brush and are washed or hand-washed) are available for All For Blue, with primary education for children, seminars and experiential activities of cleanups encouraging children to participate environmental protection. All For Blue’s straws allow us to provide free education for as many kindergartens as primary schools, high schools, while continuing beach & underwater cleanups.

You can order the All For Blue stainless steel straws at the organization’s website:


For coffee shops, restaurants and hotels that want to remove plastic straws, All For Blue also has straight stainless steel straws, which are easier to use for mass catering. Many areas throughout Greece have already become plastic straw free spots! In Mykonos, the Municipality made a difference and gave it as a graduation gift to students,  same did the Region of South Aegean.

So let’s all say “No plastic straw please!” And let us enjoy our coffee, our refreshment or our cocktail with reusable straws.

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