Protecting our Ocean Planet: Uni-pharma employees say YES, WE CAN SAVE our seas!

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An extremely interesting seminar on the future of the planet, the sea, the oceans and the marine animals was attended by the employees of the Tseti Pharmaceutical Group, by the founder of All For Blue organization Mrs. Katerina Topouzoglou, shark awareness instructor.

The seminar was perfectly up to date on the occasion of the Save the Sea project on 8 and 9 June in Mykonos for beach & underwater cleanup. The action is part of the Group’s Corporate Social Responsibility Strategy Program, which is faithfully employed by OTEF’s management and employees. Present at the seminar was the chairman and managing director of the Group, Mrs. Ioulia Tseti, who has been sensitized for years and supports important actions for the environment.

Our immature behaviors, lack of knowledge, but often fear, have the effect of hurting and destroying our environment and our marine wealth, Mrs Topupozoglou said, inviting us to show maturity and sensitivity to the seas. She also showed targeted videos, a step-by-step way in which a proper and effective underwater and beach cleanup is done and what we can do to make the difference.
At the end of the seminar, those who participated in the seminar received international certification regarding Ocean Conservation & Shark Awareness.
See you on June 8th in Mykonos and June 22nd in Tinos for our upcoming actions.

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