Bimini Shark Awareness Trip

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It is nice to share your knowledge and your experiences with other people. This time All For Blue, gave a dynamic presence to Bimini island in the Bahamas, where a shark awareness program was organized with seminars and underwater clean ups.

At Bimini, we took action with a rather active family Ray, Kelley and their 13-year-old son, Joaquin, who despite his young age, has more than 150 dives in his log book and shares a great love for the sharks. We did several dives with the great hammerheads, tiger sharks and nurse sharks, we studied their habits and realized once more that it is one of the most important creature of the oceans, as they keep the marine ecosystem in balance.

During our stay in Bimini, daily underwater clean ups were organized with the local community and volunteer divers; everyone coming together for the same cause. Between the common marine debris we removed from the ocean, we even collected a cooking mixer (!!!).

We swam with free dolphins in the ocean which, they had the curiosity to see us closely, and for a long time they stayed next to us.
We did free diving with the Carribean Reef Sharks and dived in the shipwrecks of the area and also in the countless airplanes sunk in the last decades.

Collaborating with people that share the same passion and concerns refreshes our energy and will, to continue our actions protecting and conserving the oceans.

Everyone can take part in our actions. This is the goal: to share the knowledge we have gained over the years with the local communities.

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