Rhodes – Keep Aegean Blue – biggest campaign in Greece

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The first seminar of the biggest campaign in Greece about clean ups and education, ocean & shark awareness, took place in the 1st technical school of Rhodes island and more than 100 teenagers watched and took part in our action, too. For us it was a risk because we’ve always presented our seminars in adults or young children but never before with teenagers. It turned out that the risk we took was beneficial and the audience responded with the best way possible.

When we presented our seminar all the kids had a lot of questions, which we answered and as a result their interest for our ocean was regenerated. After the seminar the cleaning of the beach took place and all of the teenagers thrilled and determined cleaned the place, which they love so much. The kids volunteered and with our help we took out of sea and the beach more than 200 kg of trash including a stove (!!!), a lamp and many more.

Some of the students told us that their hearts were filled with sadness with the sights they faced while other students told us that they want to continue doing activities like this one in hope to save the ocean.

This action is part of the #KeepAegeanBlue campaign with the support of the Region of South Aegean and volunteers from #AllForBlue organization.

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