Shark Aware Seminar by All For Blue – Alimos Elementary School

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Following a call from the Mayor of Alimos, Mr Andreas Kondylis, for the 5th Elementary School of Alimos, All For Blue spokeswoman Katerina Topouzoglou delivered a seminar on the protection of sharks and the marine ecosystem in over 90 children in Alimos.
Children of ages 6-7 were impressed with the information and knowledge that Katerina shared with them about the wonderful creatures of the sea and promised to join her in the next beach cleaning action.
The children were particularly impressed with the objects Katerina showed them. Shark teeth are always an object of interest for both young and older people. The information that shook them was that, more than 30,000 shark teeth are lost every year because every time they bite something they lose some of their teeth.
The children took the initiative and told Katerina that they would throw the plastic bags away and use only the reusable bags that are for shopping.
The seminar also attended Mrs. Ulli Moirasgetis, famous author of a kid’s book, who also presented her new book “Rubi and Grace” to students.

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The duration of the seminar is 90mins where the 45 min. were for the awareness of the sharks and the other 45 min. for the protection of the marine ecosystem. At the end of the seminar, each participating child received a worldwide recognized participation certificate from Project AWARE.
The material used for the seminars is processed by Katerina. She has photos and videos from her personal archives, from research programs she does around the world to protect sharks, from our own dives and actions (that is, it is not strange and impersonal), and is particularly child-friendly, giving great caution in avoiding hard images.


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