Seminar for Ocean Conservation and Shark Awareness– Kindergarten of Argyroupoli.

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All For Blue spokeswoman Katerina Topouzoglou delivered a seminar on the protection of sharks and the marine ecosystem to over 30 children of Argyroupoli Kinderkarten School in Athens, Greece.
Children of 3-5 years of age were impressed by the information and knowledge that Katerina shared with them about these wonderful creatures of the sea and promised to join with them in the next beach cleaning action.
We were impressed by the questions children made to Katerina, (ex If she has a doctor’s suit, if she has a shark as a pet and other imaginative questions).
Katerina informed the kids about the underwater and beach clean ups and explained to them how to be active with recycling and how much we have to protect the ocean and the environment.

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Seminars are organized in cooperation with Municipalities, schools, organizations and associations, aiming at:
Teaching children how important it is for the human being to protect the sea and the oceans. Katerina processes the material used for the seminars.
She has photos and videos from her personal archives, from research programs she does around the world to protect sharks, from her own dives and actions (that is, it is not strange and impersonal), and is particularly child-friendly, giving great caution in avoiding hard images.


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