Underwater and beach clean up with «Survival» players – Kourouta Beach September 2017

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All For Blue spokeswoman Katerina Topouzoglou along with Epsilon TV “Survival” reality players, organized a beach and underwater clean up in Kourouta Beach. With the active participation of all players from both teams, there were 23 people in total, among them lots of Greek singers, actors, tv presenters and models.
More than 250 kgs of marine debris were removed out of the sea. Plastic bottles, plastic glasses, bags, straws, papers, aluminum cans, wheels, and several other items, came out of the beach and the sea which was extremely dirty and polluted.

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All 23 players participated with great eagerness and enthusiasm as they upgraded with this action the beach they live in and did something good for the environment, giving the message for clean seas and shores.
The underwater cleaning was performed by Katerina Topouzoglou and model Giorgos Manikas. From those two only, over 80 plastic bottles and glasses, bags, etc were removed out of the water. Also, Athina Koutsokosta attended the action, a volunteer of All For Blue and a free diving athlete.


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