Framework for Volunteering

The concept of volunteerism is linked to solidarity and selfless giving. It is an exceptionally educational function that strengthens social equality, enhances active participation and coexistence. By registering in the All For Blue Volunteer Register, volunteers accept the basic concepts of volunteering, as well as the following terms of the Rules of Operation of volunteers and their groups.

  • The volunteers who are registered in the Register of Volunteers of the Organization, will participate, whenever required to the experiential coastal cleaning actions organized by the Volunteer Organization Department (VOD) of All For Blue. In case an action is planned by the VOD, it will be notified on the SoMe pages of the Organization and will be communicated to the volunteers in the email that they have stated in the Volunteer Form that they have filled in on the website
  • The attendance of the training seminar for the protection of the marine ecosystem organized by the Seminar Department of All For Blue is a prerequisite for participation in the clean-up actions.
  • In accordance with the principles of personal data protection and use and the General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR), the Organization has the right to keep a record of persons who have completed the volunteer form and participate as volunteers in the cleaning activities carried out by the Organization, as well as to communicate with them for informational purposes. The Organization implements an information security management system to provide the appropriate protection of the volunteers’ data. The Organization is not responsible for keeping the personal data of volunteers who participate in actions that it does not have the coordination, control and full supervision.
  • The VOD is responsible for planning, developing and coordinating volunteer work programs, as well as training and supporting volunteers. Volunteers must fully comply with the safety regulations and conditions of their participation, which are set by the VOD.
  • The Organization provides reusable equipment (gloves and bags) to the volunteers during the cleaning actions organized by the VOD. The Organization has no responsibility for the type, quality etc of the equipment provided as it does not produce it itself.
  • All volunteers are insured with an insurance company for any accident during the voluntary work they offer related to a cleaning action organized by the VOD.
  • For the creation of a group of volunteers who can organize independent actions under the guidance of the Organization there is an obligation of at least two actions per year and the participation of 5 people in the group. In addition, a decision of the General Assembly of the Organization is required. In case the group consists of minors, the written consent of the parents / guardians is required.
  • The autonomous groups appoint a representative who will communicate with the TOE. The representative will inform about the location, day and time of the action, the number of participants and then upon completion of the action will send photos and report to the email of the Organization
  • The Organization does not bear any civil liability nor is it is obliged to provide for insurance to the volunteers who participate in actions organized by the autonomous groups.
  • All For Blue undertakes the equipment (for 5 people) of the autonomous volunteer groups from the first time of their participation and will continue to support them by providing additional equipment when the actions are done with a frequency of three months.
  • Local volunteer groups can be disbanded if they do not serve the purposes of the Organization, do not carry out activities for a year or after the departure of volunteers do not meet the minimum number of volunteers (5 volunteers). The dissolution takes place after a decision of the General Assembly.
  • Volunteer groups are required to use the Organization’s zero waste protocols in their independent activities (not plastic bags, gloves, bottles, etc.), to wear and use the equipment with the Organization’s logo given to them and to ensure that the waste they collect is secured in bins with lids. Volunteer groups are required to fully comply with safety protocols and all relevant safety regulations and current legislation to be adopted by All For Blue.
  • All For Blue does not bear any civil liability to third parties and to the volunteers for the intentional or unintentional violation of the above security protocols that will be indicated to them and not followed by them.