Educational seminar in Naxos

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The All For Blue team collaborated with Iasis NGO to organize an educational seminar in Naxos. As part of the Youth Reaction program, All For Blue volunteers conducted an informative and hands-on seminar about marine conservation, on October 26th. The YOUTH REACTION program (YOUTH in REmote areas become ACTive citizens and take action) is designed to educate and empower young individuals living in remote areas, encouraging their active involvement in society through democratic processes.

Fifteen students, participants of the program from the 2nd High School of Naxos attended the seminar. The students delved into the underwater world, learning about its inhabitants and the challenges they face, by the All For Blue’s volunteers. The students also engaged in discussions with the volunteers about how they can contribute to environmental conservation.

The theoretical session was followed by a practical exercise. Students were asked to plan their own beach and underwater cleanup initiatives. Working in small groups, they identified a beach on their island affected by plastic pollution and proposed strategies for waste collection and disposal. This exercise enhanced our understanding about the challenges that the island faces and proved that teamwork helps to find the best solutions.

We extend our gratitude to Iasis NGO for their invitation and to Naxos High School for their warm welcome and hospitality. Lastly, we would like to express our appreciation to the students who participated in the All For Blue seminar, as well as to our dedicated volunteers who contributed to its success.

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