Cleanup at Αlimos

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Our planet is facing an ever-increasing threat from environmental pollution, and our oceans are victims of this crisis. As part of Amgen Mission Week, the biotechnology company has chosen to work with All For Blue to combat this threat.

Our environmental action took place on Friday, October 13, 2022, at the crowded beach of A’Alipedos in the Municipality of Alimos,. It was framed by both a beach and an underwater cleanup. The day before, an online training session for the protection of the marine ecosystem was conducted for Amgen executives. 75 Amgen executives were divided into seven different teams. Equipped with All For Blue’s reusable gloves and bags they carried out the beach cleanup. Three scuba divers conducted the underwater cleaning.

In just one hour, we removed 64 kg of waste from the beach and seabed. Notably, we collected 2.5 kg of cigarette filters, approximately 4,000 pieces. Additionally, dozens of aluminum food packaging, soft drink packaging, one car tire, disposable cups, cardboard boxes, lids, and even the frame of a mobile phone were collected and properly disposed of.

We would like to express our sincere gratitude to Gravity for organizing the event, the staff of Amgen Hellas for supporting our cause, the port authority for ensuring the safety of our divers with its presence, and the Municipality of Alimos for their cooperation.

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