All For Blue completed the second freediving course for its volunteers.

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For the second year in a row, All For Blue teamed up with Garnier and One Breath Freediving to offer an introductory freediving course to its volunteers.

On Sunday, October 1st, 40 members of All For Blue, both old and new, gathered at the Swimming Pool of Alimos to dive into the world of freediving. The seminar was led by certified freediving instructors, including Dimitris Koumoulos-P.E. coach of the greek national freediving team, Konstantinos Margetis-P.E. coach, Katerina Topouzoglou-freediving instructor and freediving athlete and Anna Iliadou-doctor and freediving athlete.

The seminar started with a basic introduction to freediving concepts, giving participants a chance to ask questions and get to know their instructors. Then, the team moved into the water for static and dynamic apnea exercises. Despite the challenges, everyone managed to complete the practical part of the seminar and left the pool with big smiles. This first taste of freediving boosted volunteers’ confidence in the water and gave them knowledge to explore the underwater world.

We want to thank all the volunteers for taking part in the introductory freediving course. We hope experiences like this will help them to get to know and respect the underwater world. We extend our gratitude to the Swimming Pool of Alimos for their hospitality, and to Garnier for supporting All For Blue’s actions.

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