Ocean conservation seminar at Poseidon Dive Center

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Katerina Topouzoglou, Scuba Diving and Freediving Insturctor and Shark Aware Instructor from All For Blue global organization, presented the Shark Aware Seminar in Dive Store Spiros Kartelias, in Athens, Greece.

Danna Moore, Director of the Global Promotion of the Project Aware Movement, introduced Katerina Topouzoglou via a Skype call directly from California.

A taboo issue was discussed, dissolving all the bad connotations surrounding the wonderful kings of the ocean, the sharks. The participants understood why these creatures are not the bloodthirsty killers we all think they are, but are instead a vital key link to the biodiversity of our underwater ecosystem.

All participants received a diploma from the Worldwide Organization, amongst which was celebrated Olympic Champion of polo, Uli Lara, freediving athletes, people from the scuba diving community, volunteers and several children.

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